New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie in the Works

Warner Bros. has snapped up the rights to develop a "Dungeons & Dragons" movie. "Wrath of the Titans" writer David Leslie Johnson wrote a script in 2012 known as "Chainmail" that was to be developed at Warner Bros. The as-yet untitled "D&D" movie will be based on that script, with some tweaks to it more in the style of that world-famous role-playing game. The original script took its cues from the pre-"D&D" tabletop wargame with the same name, developed by Gary Gygax. The sort of fanbase that enjoys "D&D" is the stuff that studio execs dream of, but there's not really a way to capture the spirit of the open-ended game system on film. The storyline is co-created by the players and led by one Dungeon Master, with the adventure unfolding based on throws of the dice and minute-by-minute decisions. Trying to "reboot the franchise for a new generation,
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