Modestly Made and Executed, The Happy House Is Pretty Likeable

City couple goes to remote B&B, weird shit happens—the only surprises in D.W. Young's tiny low-budget debut are how mildly he satirizes this thinnest of genres and how sincerely he treats his clichéd characters. Anemic hipster Khan Baykal and wiseacre girlfriend Aya Cash drive upstate for a relationship-repair weekend and land at the eponymous inn, where a Puritanical code of conduct prevails and the only other guest is a Swedish lepidopterist (Oliver Henzler). The punitive rationing of the world's greatest blueberry muffins is the primary dramatic fuel, until a third-act escaped psycho shows up. The low-boiling jokes about crazy country folk, cuckoo clocks, and menacing cutlery are treated as throwaways, as if Young didn't even think they were funny. This leaves the fully...
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