The evolution of 80s videogame gore and mayhem

Odd List Ryan Lambie 1 May 2013 - 09:34

Blood, guts and controversy abound, as we delve back to look at the evolving gore and mayhem in a dozen 80s videogames...

Ah, the 80s. The decade of video nasties, The A-Team, Boy George and Ronald Reagan. A time of conspicuous consumption and voluminous hair, the 80s was also the decade where videogames rapidly evolved, from the blocky 8-bit computers and consoles at its beginning, to the more powerful 16-bit systems at its end.

The 80s was also a period where the depiction of videogame gore would be realised with ever greater detail - much to the consternation of media watchdogs, who commonly regarded games as bleepy toys for children. The mainstream furore which would greet Mortal Kombat was still just over the horizon, but from the start of the start of the decade to its end, mischievous (and sometimes cynical, it has
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