'Made in Chelsea', 'Politician's Husband', 'Wright Way': This week's TV

It's been a while since I've checked in with the hair-gel abusing, giant-chinned, pout-osauras rex monsters that are the Made in Chelsea cast. There has been an extraordinary amount of chitter-chatter in the Digital Spy office and my Twitter timeline about this week's episode, so I decided to give Cheska, Binky, Spencer, Foo-Foo, Dipsy and Po another visit.

I wouldn't want to miss out would I? Yah.

Diving into the Made in Chelsea world midway through its fifth series was a bit like when you catch a foreign soap opera on your hotel TV when you're on holiday in Spain or France. Except with worse acting. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on and at times, a Sign Zone-esque person in the bottom corner of the screen would have been useful. They could translate the hair-flicks, the yahs and the undramatic pauses into intelligible English for anyone who didn't
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