Keira v Charlize: battle of the Dianas

Which of these stars would capture the soul of the Princess of Hearts? We put them to the test

Now that the Daily Express has downgraded its coverage of her to such an extent that she's only on the front page two or three days a week, there's a real danger that Princess Diana could soon end up slipping from the public consciousness. It's a danger that the film industry is taking incredibly seriously.

That's why two Diana biopics are apparently on the boil. One, based on the book Closely Guarded Secret by her bodyguard Ken Wharfe – currently available on Amazon for a penny – is apparently close to signing Charlize Theron to play the lead. The other, Pathe's broader look at Diana's entire life, is keen to sign Keira Knightley for the same role.

It's never pretty when rival studios go head to head with films about the same subject like this.
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