Jupiter’s Legacy #1 Review – Mark Millar and Frank Quitely

What if your parents were Superman and Wonder Woman – how big a burden would it be to live up to their legacy and what would that do to you? That’s the heart of this new series from writer Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Superman: Red Son) and artist Frank Quitely (All Star Superman, Flex Mentallo) in their first collaboration together since The Authority (unless you count their two record breaking successes at creating the fastest produced comic book with the most contributors back in 2011).

While obviously Mark Millar and Frank Quitely haven’t exactly used Superman and Wonder Woman, Sheldon and Grace Sampson are analogues of those characters, with Sheldon wearing a very similar-looking Superman outfit and calling himself Utopia Man.

The comic starts off promisingly in October 1932 where a gang of intrepid adventurers sit in a Moroccan bar trying to convince a captain to give them passage out to

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