Joe Jonas Reveals The Scandalous Meaning Behind ‘Pom Poms’

The pop star finally revealed the true meaning behind the Jonas Brothers’ new song to Ryan Seacrest! Read on to see what Joe said about ‘Pom Poms!’

Joe Jonas called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to discuss the Jonas Brothers‘ upcoming tour and the meaning behind the title of their latest single, “Pom Poms.” Joe’s interview may surprise you!

Joe Jonas On ‘Pom Poms’: What’s The Song About?

Joe and his brothers recently released some new music, so it was great to find out what Joe though about his band’s new song. He was quick to tell Ryan Seacrest, “There is a lot of nicknames for ‘Pom Poms’ …headlights, some of which I could get in trouble for saying on national air. I think it’s self explanatory what ‘Pom Poms’ means.”

And to keep us aBREAST on his preference of pom poms, he was quick to add,
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