Countdown to Man of Steel - Little Green Rock, Kryptonian Bonds and a DC Movie Universe

Martin Deer rounds up all the latest talking points from Man of Steel as we count down to the return of Superman this summer...

Today is the first of what will hopefully be five 'Countdown to Man of Steel' articles published every 2 weeks in the build up to the return of Superman. This week we've had some pretty big news on the Zack Snyder-directed reboot via the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which has given us some further insight in to how Superman will now be portrayed on screen...

Little Green Rock

First, let's start with the least important piece of news which has actually caused the most outrage: Man of Steel will not feature Kryptonite. This has caused some to proclaim that Man of Steel will be more of the 'real world nonsense' that Chris Nolan brought to The Dark Knight Trilogy, and that not featuring Kryptonite is some form of sacrilege.
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