Aaron Eckhart: 'You're giving me a heart attack'

The actor certainly likes a good chat – about cigars, women, 70s action heroes, Twitter, self-healing and his new role as a Us president. But he does have a weak spot

Aaron Eckhart's day began as they all do: an hour in the gym, then same again with a cigar. Jetlag cannot disrupt that, snow can throw no spanners. "I was outside at 6am smoking with my hood on, watching everyone come to work, freezing my ass off. That's how dedicated I am."

Then breakfast, another cigar, four hours of interviews and lunch in his room, Moby on the deck, steak on the plate. "I ordered it medium rare. I got it medium beyond." Did he finish it? "Oh yeah, every little bit. I am a carnivore." Then another cigar. He'd like to be puffing on one right now. At least three more will get sucked before he sleeps.

"They're excellent to study to,
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