Scandal Invites Captain Jack Harkness Actor John Barrowman To The Set

One of our favorite things about Scandal showrunner Shonda Rhimes is that she’s just as nerdy and fangirlish and the rest of us. Case in point, she just hired Captain Jack Harkness actor, John Barrowman for her runaway ABC network hit, Scandal.

We learned the too cool news from Ms. Rhimes’ Twitter account, where she shared, “John Barrowman is here working at @ScandalABC today. Life is good. #torchwood #captainjack #iamanerd.”

I’m swooning already. I’m not sure who Barrowman will be playing, but it seems to me like Olivia Pope is swimming in hotties. There’s President Fitzgerald Grant, acted by Tony Goldwyn, who finally soured to Liv after learning she played a part in his “stealing the White House” scandal, and there’s the utterly yummy Scott Foley as Jake Ballard. Yes, Jake was spying on Liv in a very creepy way and has some violent tendencies and nasty pals,
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