Check Out Steve Rogers Suit Upgrade For ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

It’s only a matter a weeks before Marvel unleash their ‘Phase II’ series of superhero offerings, beginning with Tony Stark’s return in Iron Man 3. We’ll then see goldilocked Demi-god Thor take on the Dark Elves in The Dark World in November before Chris Evans throws his patriotic shield to foil the evil plan of new villian, Crossbones, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, set for release in around twelve months time.

Cbm have unearthed some cool concept art for the First Avenger’s new suit, which we’ll see in the sequel directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. The film will co-star Sebastian Stan, Robert Redford, Toby Jones, Scarlet Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp and Anthony Mackie. If you missed the first brooding image of the film which began shooting on Monday, you can find it Here.

Source: Cbm
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