Elysium and the gap between rich and poor in sci-fi cinema

Feature Ryan Lambie 11 Apr 2013 - 07:00

In the wake of the first trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium, Ryan looks at a common theme in recent Sf: the gap between rich and poor...

For some of us, director Neill Blomkamp had us captivated with just one image: that of an armoured, bearded Sharlto Copley unsheathing a katana next to the billowing pink blossoms of a cherry tree.

Blomkamp rightly gained attention and praise for his 2009 debut feature District 9, and his next film, this summer's Elysium, appears to contain the same amalgam of intelligence and action; and that brief yet indelible shot of Copley and his Japanese sword seems, in a weird sort of way, to sum up what's so compelling about Blomkamp's filmmaking career to date: clever, oblique, and joyously cartoonish.

Although it's impossible say whether Elysium, with its bigger budget and higher expectations, can match the surprising excellence of District 9,
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