Liam Neeson And Woody Harrelson Looked At To Star As Rangers Who Killed Bonnie & Clyde

Thanks to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, the true story of Bonnie and Clyde has become a piece of pop culture legend, the duo's crime spree across America known to just about everyone. But while director Arthur Penn's 1967 romanticized the tale of the tale of the two outlaws, we've never seen the other side of the story, from the point of view of those trying to take them down. Well, that's about to change. Deadline has learned that Liam Neeson and Woody Harrelson are now being looked at to star in Highwaymen, a film directed by John Lee Hancock about the two Texas Rangers who managed to hunt down and kill Bonnie and Clyde during their legendary Depression Era crime spree.The site says that John Fusco, whose credits include Hidalgo and The Forbidden Kingdom, scripted the drama, and that Media Rights Capital and Universal Pictures, who worked together
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