Watch: Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens & Emily Browning Spend 'Summer In February' In New Trailer

Well, here's something of a different flavor for those of you perhaps already exhausted (or preparing to be exhausted) by summer movie madness. A period drama, based on an acclaimed novel, featuring some solid actors, all against a windswept UK backdrop -- do you like the sound of that? Well, keep reading on... The first trailer for Brit indie "Summer In February" has arrived and while it may seem like a "Parade's End" do-over complete with a doomed marriage, and pre-wwi love triangle, we're also sorta suckers for this kind of stuff. Based on the book by Jonathan Smith (who also wrote the screenplay), mostly-tv director Christopher Menaul takes the helm of the story centers on a love triangle that develops in the life of painter Alfred Munnings (Dominic Cooper), the famed British artist who took a marked stand against modernism. He marries the young and beautiful Florence Carter-Wood (Emily Browning
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