TV on Tap: A Captive Cooper on "Southland," CNN Signs George Stroumboulopoulos and John Barrowman Films a "Scandal" Role

Oh, Southland, why do you inspire such conflicting emotions?


CNN is giving a weekly primetime show to CBC host George Stroumboulopoulos, according to Deadline. The show would feature interviews and musical guests filmed before a live audience. I know he's an incredibly popular host in Canada, I'm eager to see his interviews come stateside (and let's hope this goes better than it did with Graham Norton).

I'm never particularly excited about The Good Wife's political cameos due to the politicians they pick and booking Michael Bloomberg for an upcoming ep doesn't change that. We'll talk again if they ever get Elizabeth Warren.

Vulture has collected 25 moments on The Carrie Diaries and the Sex and the City moments they recalled. It almost made me want to dig up my old SatC DVDs.

TV Guide reports that Elementary has cast its Irene Adler with Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones and The Tudors.
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