Selena Gomez swatted on same day as Justin Timberlake

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Just a few short hours after Justin Timberlake was targeted by whoever it is behind the recent rash of swatting pranks on Friday (April 5), Selena Gomez finds herself targeted by the bizarre pranksters.

According to TMZ, a 911 caller told the dispatcher that Gomez's father had killed her mother with a gun that was among a cadre of 20 weapons. The caller then said that the dad was going to set fire to the house and burn it down.

Just this week alone, Diddy and Rihanna were targeted as well. Other celebrity victims of these time-and-resource consuming pranks include Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise and Kim Kardashian, among others.

While law enforcement officials struggle to identify just who it is behind these false calls, the hackers releasing celebrity financial information have taken credit for nearly all of them. No arrests have been made in the case.
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