Spring Breakers – review

Director Harmony Korine may lech over Spring Breakers' bikini-clad heroines, but he's also on their side in his funniest and least irritating film yet

Spring break is getting to be like prom night or Thanksgiving: an alien American institution we've consumed so much in pop culture that it's almost as if we Brits have experienced it in our rainy Brit lives. Anyway, we're expected to be in on the cultural reference – in this case, lithe, young college kids partying super hard in sunny Florida during the March vacation.

The Glasgow comic Kevin Bridges famously took a stand against this Americanisation, dourly recalling watching high school movies with "spring break" scenes: "We didn't have 'spring break'; we had the Easter holidays." Like a Christmas movie in December, this film has actually been released at the correct seasonal time, although it means less in the shivering UK than in the Us.
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