Full-Length Trailers For The Conjuring And This Is The End Finally Unleashed

Hey horror fans, are you ready for your brains to be melted by two blockbuster genre movies which Finally released full-length trailers? You are? Well look no further, as both James Wan’s The Conjuring and the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg directed This Is The End have once again proven there’s no reason you should miss either of these movies this summer, but I would have loved to also say both films gave us a Red Band look. Only This Is The End brings the gore and obscenities you can expect, while The Conjuring keeps it eerie yet family friendly – even though the film was given an R rating for being too damn scary.

Let’s start with The Conjuring so you can give the trailer a watch, piss yourself in fear ten times worse than the original teaser trailer made you, and then let some familiar funny-men laugh
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