So This One Time Ed Sheeran Almost Killed Taylor Swift

  • TooFab
Well, there's more to the story of course, but basically, according to Ed Sheeran himself, he almost stabbed Taylor Swift with a sword this one time. Accidentally, of course.Here's his story:"It's like a real sword. I got it shipped over, shipped over to Omaha, so I was bringing it back to Nashville and I think [Taylor] and her crew were weirded out by it anyway. They were just like, 'Why does Ed have a sword?' As the plane started to take off, it was on the table and it went like this," continued Sheeran, motioning the ascent with his hands. "The plane is kind of taking off and [the sword] started sliding down and I was like, 'No!' It was just about to impale Taylor."The sword was a gift from Peter Jackson. It's some "Lord of the Rings" sword, isn't that neat? You know what would be less neat?
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