'Walking Dead' Season 4: David Morrissey's Governor will be back

'Walking Dead' Season 4: David Morrissey's Governor will be back
"The Walking Dead" will still have the Governor to contend with next season, and David Morrissey is set to return as a full-time regular. [Warning: If you couldn't tell by the headline, this article contains spoilers for "The Walking Dead" Season 4 and the Season 3 finale.]

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that although Morrissey initially signed a single season contract for the "Dead" role, he has been set to return for Season 4. Not knowing in advance whether or not Morrissey would return made the bloody Season 3 finale all the more suspenseful for fans.

The decision to keep the Governor alive after he led Woodbury into battle with Rick Grimes' gang at the prison represents another significant storyline departure from the Robert Kirkman comic books. But just because the Governor survived this fight, doesn't mean his days aren't numbered.

Shocking deaths have become a regular occurrence for the series (so regular it's debatable whether or not they even qualify as "shocking"). During Season 3, "The Walking Dead
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