The Vampire Diaries, Ep. 4.18, “American Gothic”: Elijah reenters the fray in underwhelming episode

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The Vampire Diaries, Season 4, Episode 18: “American Gothic

Written by Evan Bleiweiss and Jose Molina

Directed by Kellie Cyrus

Airs Thursdays at 8pm (Et) on the CW

This week, on The Vampire Diaries: Sheriff Forbes is very good at her job, Katherine and Elena have a chat, and Silas flexes some psychological muscle

Since the return of Katherine in “Down the Rabbit Hole”, and particularly since Elena turned off her emotions in “Stand by Me”, fans have been waiting to see Katherine and this new Elena share the screen. Nina Dobrev has proven herself time and again to be a talented and versatile actor- seeing her play against herself should be fun. Unfortunately, while her humanity-less Elena remains consistent and entertaining, Katherine feels less so, making their scenes together somewhat of a disappointment. It’s a tricky thing- it’s completely reasonable that Katherine has grown or developed since
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