Another Teaser Video for Hannibal

NBC has been releasing some interesting promo videos that tease the cannibalism side of the show. If you’re looking forward to catching the premiere of Hannibal, take a look at the new video we have, along with another teaser that was recently released and the full trailer.

Hannibal stars Mad Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) as the infamous cannibal, along with Hugh Dancy as Agent Will Graham. Laurence Fishburne is playing Agent Jack Crawford, who is in charge of the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI and will eventually be responsible for tracking down Hannibal Lecter. Other actors who will be appearing on the show include Eddie Izzard, Gillian Anderson, Gina Torres, Lance Henriksen, Molly Shannon, Ellen Greene and Chelan Simmons. Here’s the recently released synopsis for the first episode:

Hannibal Episode 01: “Apéritif” - “When the FBI takes on a case of disappearing college girls, Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne
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