See Girl Run Trailer Has Adam Scott And Robin Tunney Wondering 'What If?'

There.s no set date for human beings to hit that point in life where every youthful decision made in the past suddenly becomes questionable, and deep-seated regrets begin to surface. Some people live their entire lives in such a manner, but for others like Emmie, seen above, it takes until she.s in her late 30s. In this first trailer for writer/director Nate Meyers. See Girl Run, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, we see Emmie (Robin Tunney) as a woman whose marriage with her husband (Josh Hamilton) has been settled for, rather than eagerly appreciated, and even all these years later, there is still a connection with her old flame Jason (Adam Scott), whose feelings for her have never wavered, as evidenced by the postcards and letters he.s sent over the years. Emmie takes off back to her hometown without a word to her husband to see if
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