Still Holding Out for Mister J

Purists are easy to deride. People who loved Transformers were enraged at so many modifications made to the characters as they were put to use in the live-action adaptations. But any honest person has to confess many films and the occasional television series has gone awry from being too faithful to the letter of source material (Watchmen comes to mind in this regard). Here the focus will be on the Joker and the argument will be we have yet to see a proper rendition on the big screen (I’m not counting certain interesting videogame versions). Before beginning, one has to concede the Cesar Romero interpretation, whatever its genuine brilliance, was too tame by half to truly merit the top spot yet an argument can be made this is the closest to seeing the Joker in the flesh.

The Jack Nicholson version is, unfortunately, too easy to dismiss. Jack is playing … well Jack.
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