Are You Bothered by Harvey Weinstein Playing the Press on the Last Day of Oscar Voting?

"How can you post Oscar predictions when you haven't even seen the movies?" This is a comment often seen in my early Oscar prediction posts, which I started posting even earlier than ever before this year. Beyond the fact predictions don't imply judgment of quality in any way, a new story at The Hollywood Reporter gives even further reason as to why waiting to see the films is all that necessary when offering up predictions. Earlier this year, on the final day of Oscar voting, February 19, the Weinstein Co. issued a press release announcing a new film titled The Ends of the Earth with a screenplay from Chris Terrio (Argo). So far, so good. Everything is true, but the truth begins to take a different shape after that... The release said Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell was attached to direct the project with Jennifer Lawrence attached to star.
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