‘The Avengers’ Phase One Blu-ray Box-Set Is A Thing Of Beauty!

A 10 disc Blu-ray collection featuring all solo outings for Marvel’s iconic superheroes, as well as their epic coming together for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, was expected to be released in August last year. However, the release was delayed by Marvel following a German lawsuit actually worked in their favour, giving them more time to work on their design as well as allowing them to add a few extra goodies that would give fans a nice introduction to Phase II, which begins with Tony Stark’s return in Iron Man 3.

They’ve surpassed many expectations and given Us fans a stunning bundle which includes all films, bonus material all housed in a suitcase-style scale Tesseract keepsake. Check out the pics below. Good luck getting you’re hands on one!

Source: Post76
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