Justified Review: Crowder Complexity

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After the thrilling events of last week's "Decoy," Justified took its foot off the pedal just a bit to showcase the more subtle brilliance of this show in what has turned out to be another fantastic season.

Six weeks ago I posited that Colton's entire arc might have been out of place.

"Peace of Mind," and the past few episodes overall, proved me wrong. 

The way that his path kept crossing with Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson's not only gave Colt a rightful place in this season's story, but it helped evolve Tim into something more than a rarely-there sidekick.

Sure there were the comedic moments - like last week's conversation about Lt. Dan and Gerard Depardieu - but when Tim came into that former snake-filled church, their interactions became some of the most intense and complex that you will see on television.

They have things in common, and that's why
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