Chris O’Dowd In Talks For ‘St Vincent De Van Nuys’

Bridesmainds and The It Crowd star Chris O’Dowd is currently in talks to feature alongside Bill Murray for St Vincent De Van Nuys.

With a script written by Ted Melfi (who will make his directorial debut with the project) the film focuses on Murray, a boozing, womanizing lowlife who is left to babysit Melissa McCarthy’s (O’Dowd’s Bridesmaids co-star) 12 year-old son. If he signs onto the project Chris will play a strict and sober Catholic priest who can’t believe what kind of a bad influence Murray is over the boy.

I’m a huge fan of Murray, O’Dowd and McCarthy, so to see the three of them create havoc together would be brilliant. Chris has always been funny in my eyes and it was a complete surprise to see him turn up in HBO’s Girls! Featuring alongside the comedy legend that is Murray would
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