Jameson Empire Awards 2013 – Tales From A Red Carpet First Timer

Have you ever watched celebrities being interviewed and thought ‘I could do that, and I wouldn’t be as rude as Joan Rivers?’ Well, I put my interviewing skills, experience, research and natural curiosity to the test on Sunday at the prestigious Grosvenor House hotel in London’s Park Lane for the Jameson Empire Awards 2013. In a nice frock (black of course; it is media, can’t go wrong), thermal socks and several layers, I scurried along Park Avenue to locate the illustrious venue. It’s as you’d imagine it, like the lobby in Pretty Woman, except without a Richard Gere – but there was a pianist playing a bit of Bach, and lots of high tea going on.

Right, refocus I thought, no time to waste as the arrivals were going to start turning up from 4pm. No one seemed overly clear on what was going on, and they
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