8 Movies That Deserve A TV Prequel Series

Bates Motel is an interesting idea for a series (and frankly, so is The Carrie Diaries), but like Carrie Bradshaw I have to wonder: Have we nailed the art of the movie prequel TV series yet? I think it remains to be seen.

Today, in honor of A&E's new show about Norman Bates' bizarre past, I say we examine eight movies that could inspire fabulous prequel series. I snuck in two ideas for other Hitchcock prequels in case that's an easy sell right now. Grab your most hideous bridesmaid gown and suggest your options for prequel-worthy movies below. 

1. Fatal Attraction

Face it: Alex Forrest should be one of the most interesting characters of the '80s, but because Fatal Attraction corners her into being a two-dimensional psychotic loon, she's never quite as humanized as she should be (despite Glenn Close's exceptional performance). A prequel series would rectify this
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