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The truth behind director Lynne Ramsay's Hollywood no-show – and why Jude Law's Coke habit isn't purely recreational

We need to talk about Lynne

Following her dramatic withdrawal last week from her first Hollywood movie on the first day of shooting, director Lynne Ramsay will take some time to recover her reputation. Ramsay failed to turn up for the beginning of Jane Got a Gun, the feminist western she'd been preparing for months in Los Angeles. While this is unprecedented behaviour for a director, I understand that Ramsay believes she had no choice but to withdraw from the film after a series of compromises over cast and locations reached critical mass, including a falling out with the film's star and co-producer, Natalie Portman. I understand the problem also stemmed from Ramsay having been promised final cut on the movie, but it having become clear that this was not going to happen.
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