Pax East 2013: DuckTales is arriving for a new generation

For me and many others my age, there was a time when ducks ruled the world. Darkwing Duck, The Mighty Ducks (cartoon and movie) and, of course, DuckTales played key roles in my entertainment as a youth. And not only was DuckTales a great television show, it also had a great Nes game to boot. Known for its solid use of the platforming formula and catchy music, Capcom delivered what you can call a great game. However, since then, DuckTales has become a distant memory — but that all changed at Pax East.

Capcom announced that they are bringing the classic game back into this generation and it has lots of old school gamers (and cartoon watchers) very excited about this revival. DuckTales: Remastered is set to release on PS3 and Xbox 360 as a $15 download this Summer.
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