New UK Trailer and Quad Poster for All Stars

Hitting cinemas at the start of May, All Stars is one of the first family-friendly films of the year produced on our shores.

The 3D dramatic comedy debuted its first teaser trailer at the end of last year. And with just over a month before it arrives, Vertigo have debuted a new full-length trailer, along with All Stars’ UK quad poster.

Ethan (Theo Stevenson) and Jaden (Akai) have a plan – recruit a crew, stage a talent show, raise lots of money and save The Garage (their youth club) from demolition…all whilst Ethan impresses the girl of his dreams with his dancing skills.

The trouble is Ethan can’t dance, Jaden’s parents have banned him from dancing, and the other members of their new crew the ‘All Stars’ turn out to be totally uncoordinated! Together, they must overcome these many obstacles, starting with convincing Gina (Ashley Jensen), the manager of The Garage,
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