Kate Hudson’s Tan Skin: How To Get A Fab Faux Glow Like A Celebrity

Spring fling! Since March 20 was the first day of spring, we’re dying for warm weather and a pretty tan. We’ll help you get the faux glow of Kate Hudson with expert tips below!

It’s not quite warm in New York City yet, but that doesn’t mean we’re not longing for the tan skin of celebrities who live in California all year round. Luckily, with a vast range of self-tanning products, you can look you just came back from Spring Break! We’ll help you get a faux glow like Kate Hudson with the help of the experts at Total Beauty!

Tan Like A Celebrity — How To Steps

“Step 1: Exfoliate

Before you even remove your tanner from under your bathroom sink, be sure your canvas is as smooth as a Justin Timberlake song. This means exfoliating from head to toe. Women with sensitive skin should opt for a sugar scrub,
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