Pompeii Seeks To Add Kiefer Sutherland As Villainous Senator

Kiefer Sutherland is reportedly in talks to star as the villain in the upcoming Pompeii, Paul W.S. Anderson’s 3D disaster movie about the 79 a.d. eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Rome.

The movie will star Kit Harington (Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow) as a slave tasked with rescuing his lady love and his gladiator friend after the temperamental volcano begins with its shenanigans. Jared Harris (Mad Men, Fringe) plays his master, also his lover’s father, with Emily Browning (Sleeping Beauty) as said lover. If Sutherland comes on board he’ll play the Roman senator who originally enslaved Harington’s village and plans to take Browning’s hand in marriage. Naturally, Mr. Vesuvius has plenty to say about all that, and has no distinctions to make ‘twixt hero and villain as he goes about his work bringing history to life by emptying his hot nasty belly all over 2,000 poor,
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