10 Critically-Loathed Movie Directors Everybody Pretends Not To Like

Everyone’s a critic. Yeah, that’s a cliched statement, but it’s true. It’s human nature. We can’t help it. And it’s especially true among us pop culture nerds. We spend years devouring movies, TV, novels and comic books to develop our palettes. So, we think we have a pretty good idea of what quality material is. And we also think we have a good idea of what sucks.

Look anywhere on the internet, and you’ll find lists of directors who are considered bad. Directors that lack any real vision, are catering to what’s wrong with the movie going public today or who just seem to be making movies for a paycheck. The directors that I’m going to talk about today are typically on those lists. Michael Bay, Eli Roth, Roland Emmerich…they’re all here.

These directors receive so much hate that
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