Review: ‘New World’ A Familiar, But Satisfying & Well-Executed ‘The Departed’-Esque Thriller

On the page, the set up for Park Hoon Jeong’s “New World” is almost a cliché, the story pivoting around a cop caught in deep cover in the midst of a crime syndicate, looking for a way to the end assignment, only for forces on both sides of the law to squeeze him to a breaking point. In Hollywood, both “Donnie Brasco” and “The Departed” popularized the concept in the recent years, with the latter a remake of “Infernal Affairs,” which itself spawned a trilogy. So the question for “New World” is: does it bring anything new to the equation? Nope. Does it do this formula well? Yep.An opening “Law & Order”-esque cautionary title card warns, “the events, characters and institutions portrayed in the film are entirely fictitious,” immediately establishing a ripped-from-headlines tone for picture, and just like the famed network procedural, by the end of the first
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