Cougar Town Ep 4.11 ‘Saving Grace’ struggles to find balance

Cougar Town Season 4, Episode 11 ‘Saving Grace

Directed by Michael McDonald

Written by Blake McCormick

Airs Tuesday nights at 10pm (Et) on TBS

There have been a few episodes this season where Cougar Town‘s reached a bit to create marital drama between the two couples at the heart of the show (although the same would apply to Laurie and Travis at times, as well). ‘Saving Grace’ is definitely one of those episodes, presenting us with a number of story lines and rushing through them for mostly unsatisfying conclusions. When Cougar Town dips into the sappy well it can be hit or miss, as the last few scenes of the episode show.

Things begin in kind of an odd place: Grayson and Jules have a disagreement over faith, a topic I’d rather most comedies just avoided. Both to its benefit and its disadvantage, ‘Saving Grace’ doesn’t really dig into this idea too far.
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