Distancing Himself from Edward, Pattinson Lands in Violent Australian Outback

Pattinson fights Pearce in violent The Rover image In the last few years, British actor Robert Pattinson has courageously made a point of distancing himself (and his film career) from Edward Cullen, the Twilight movies' lovestruck, sparkling vampire that made the actor famous worldwide as one of the "angles" in the insufferable love triangle also featuring vampire-to-be Kristen Stewart and werewolf Taylor Lautner. Writer-director David Michôd's upcoming thriller The Rover, co-starring Guy Pearce, is Pattinson's latest tentative to create a character vastly different than the vampire Cullen. (Pictured above: Pattinson vs. Pearce in a bloody The Rover battle.) Currently filming in Australia, Michod's film is set in the near future, in the aftermath of a global financial catastrophe (at this stage, it remains unclear whether or not said catastrophe was the result of the recent highly controversial Cyprus bail-out). Pattinson plays a good-hearted Australian Outback gang member, while Pearce,
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