Quotables: The Rock Has A Crush on Channing Tatum, Too!

  • TooFab
"He's a good looking guy. World's sexiest man by People magazine. Love Channing. Great, great guy. Very humble. Very cool. I'm very happy for all his success. It's a big year for him; he's going to be a daddy. His wife is giving birth in London, that's what I hear - so cool."- The Rock reveals his very strong feelings for Channing Tatum, which are maybe somewhat similar to your very strong feelings for Channing Tatum.Is there ever anything better than when a lovable, hunky dude publicly declares his love for another lovable, hunky dude? No seriously, is there? Because it really would be surprising if this apparent bromance didn't become a favorite Happy Place for many, many people. Including The Rock. And probably Channing Tatum's wife.--Emily Trainham  Read more
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