But Is Selena Gomez a Big Old Bully?

  • TooFab
Well, that's probably something up for debate, as some people think that because of Justin Bieber's behavior as of late, he deserves to sit next to Malice Alice in charm school. Some other people, however? Well, they happen to think that Justin Bieber just needs to lie low for a bit and wait for all of this silly adolescent Bs to drop away in order to showcase Bieber for who he is - a talented young man with a heart of gold. Wait. No. No, Selena Gomez probably had it right all this time, and especially on “Letterman.” She's single and because of that, she's "so good." Also, she made Justin Bieber cry. Who really knows if that's a sad thing or a funny thing, but can't it just be both for now? -Sarah Taylor Read more
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