Movie News After Dark: How to Dress a Cat Like Walter White

Tonight on your favorite nightly round-up article, there’s a cat dressed up like Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and plenty of interesting Hows and Whys from the world of entertainment journalism. Like, “How to Write a Why Article: Part Seo-Bomb.” Hashtag inside baseball joke. Great Job, Internet – Get me the money, meow. A cat dressed up like Walter White. (Av Club) How Steven Spielberg’s Cinematographer Got These Shots – Janusz Kaminski explains some of the most iconic shots he’s put together for the filmography of his long time creative partner, Mr. Spielberg. The little girl with the red dress gets me every time. Why Spring Breakers Is a Metaphor for the Corruption and Breakdown of Britney Spears – Spoilers ahoy! That said, this article by Abbey Stone really nails what Harmony Korine has done with his good girls gone bad saga. How SXSW 2013 Helped Define the Austin Movie – Not just slackers anymore, as
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