John McTiernan, 'Die Hard' Director, Is Working on a Movie Before His One-Year Prison Sentence

It's been a rough few years for "Die Hard" director John McTiernan. Once considered one of the hottest directors in Hollywood (he also directed "The Hunt for Red October," "Predator," and "The Thomas Crown Affair"), since 2006 he has been embroiled in a scandal involving the shady private detective Anthony Pellicano and the illegal wiretapping of McTiernan's "Rollerball" producer Charles Roven. The story is positively labyrinthine and involves a number of high profile Hollywood players, but so far McTiernan is the only one who has received jail time (a year-long sentence is scheduled to begin soon). Still, you can't keep a good -- or in the case of McTiernan, a great -- director down, as the filmmaker is quietly working on a new project while awaiting his fate. According to a post on the Free John McTiernan Facebook page (which has already garnered the support of everyone from "The Incredibles" director
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