Zach Snyder And Henry Cavill Talk About Making “Man Of Steel” For Today’s Audience. Plus New Photos

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Total Film interviewed Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill about making Man Of Steel for today’s audience. Snyder said:

“We’ve tried to make a Superman movie where he does stuff and you go, ‘Yeah, if I was Superman, that’s what I’d do.’ Even though he’s an alien, he’s more relatable, more human.”

Naming the movie “Man of Steel” instead of “Superman” was the first step towards getting the film taken seriously. Same as “The Dark Knight” was used in the title as opposed to “Batman” for the final two films in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” Trilogy.

Cavill said:

“This is a Superman for a modern age. It’s not betraying anything that Superman is, but it is grounding everything in reality. It’s the story of this incredible being who can do incredible things, but whom we can associate with. Because he’s gone through
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