Good Boys Gone Wild: 13 Roles That Shattered Teen Idol Images

This week's gonzo teen nightmare Spring Breakers is trumpeting the fact that two of its leads - Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez - traditionally play "good girls". But the whole "teen idol gone bad" strategy is a longstanding Hollywood tradition aimed to help transition pigeonholed teen stars into "serious" actors.

Here are a few fellas who tried the tactic, to varying degrees of success.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Speedway Junky

The squeaky-clean kid from Home Improvement took a step toward tarnishing his image by playing an evil, bisexual hooker in this gritty drama, giving a whole new meaning to "Tool Time"!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Mysterious Skin

Jgl also went the hustler route for his breakout from small-screen teen stardom - only the 3rd Rock star went "the full gay" in this unsettling and excellent indie drama.

Lukas Haas in Johns

Yet another teen heartthrob caught a case of gay hustleritis
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