Nick Offerman's New Movie Has the Weirdest/Best Nsfw Promo Ever

Anything that Nick Offerman has done or will ever do is funny in some fashion. Pretty much everyone agrees with this, including, apparently, Nick Offerman.

As if specifically putting that theory to the test, the promo for Offerman's latest film, "Somebody Up There Likes Me," first presented by our fraternal twins at Cinemablend, is bizarre on a level that makes a David Lynch movie seem like the gag reel of Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups" by comparison.

Graced with more celebrities per capita than your everyday disaster relief telethon, the promo starts with Offerman's "Parks & Recreation" co-star Adam Scott confronting Offerman in his wood shop about not showing up to the P&R set for work that day.

Things get decidedly Nsfw from there.

Then the video spirals in an equally ridiculous and entertaining direction. Megan Mullally (Offerman's real-life wife) and Alison Brie take turns calmly calling Scott various iterations
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