'Veronica Mars' Reaches $2 Million Kickstarter Goal in a Day

'Veronica Mars' Reaches $2 Million Kickstarter Goal in a Day
Well, it looks like we're going to get that "Veronica Mars" movie.

Warner Bros. stated that it would go forward with a film adaptation of the cult detective television series if the project's Kickstarter campaign reached its goal of $2 million. The campaign commenced this morning with a deadline of April 12.

That 30-day deadline was completely unnecessary, as it reached its goal in a matter of hours.

Yes, thanks to over 31,600 individual backers, the "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter campaign barely even got started before it was a complete success. Series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell have succeeded in getting a feature film greenlit (and, hey, partially funded) thanks to the power and pocket change of their fans.

The project set a Kickstarter record by reaching its first $1 million in 4 hours, 24 minutes, according to Deadline.

Now, for better and worse, expect a lot more of this kind of thing to come out of Hollywood.
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