Top 7 Horror Sequels We Hoped For But Never Got

Sequels... how we love them. Not sure why we love them because except for a few rare exceptions, they are normally tremendous letdowns, but we love them nonetheless. There's just something about seeing that next chapter in our favorite stories that's so damn alluring.

Sequels are great for several reasons. Aside from the fact that we get another look at characters we fell in love with, sequels also keep the story arc going (sometimes good, sometimes bad), and sequels usually make a shit-ton of money... and it's always nice to see a horror film at number one at the box office.

Sometimes sequels put a bad taste in our mouths (Blair Witch 2), but other times they deliver big time (Evil Dead 2). Some are still promising us sequels (Wolf Creek) while a few gave us sequels that barely seemed to be part of the original film (Queen of the Damned). Regardless,
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