“Amazing Spider-Man 2″ Looks To Move The Storyline Into College

The Wall Street Journal reports that filming for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will for the first time in the franchises’ history, be shot entirely in New York City. This is great for the storyline which takes place in New York City. The film has a budget upwards of $100 million and is being shot over 300,000 square feet at four facilities in Long Island and Brooklyn.

One of the sets infers that the film will deal with a transition to college. The set is that of a college dormitory at Columbia University. That dorm, appears to be suited for a female freshman. It is decorated with film noir posters and sparkly sneakers. Another clue is that the film synopsis states:

“high school graduation can’t come quickly enough.”

Chances are, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will advance the storyline into Peter Parker’s (played by Andrew Garfield) college years. Does the university dorm
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