Subspecies Blu-ray Review

Director: Ted Nicolaou

Starring: Anders Hove, Irina Movila, Michelle McBride, Laura Mae Tate, Michael Watson, Ivan J. Rado, Angus Scrimm,

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Certificate: 18

Extras: Audio Commentary, Interviews

In the depths of what the uneducated may call ‘bad cinema’ is a little production outfit known as Full Moon Features. Probably most famous for their Puppet Master trilogy, they also spawned a series of vampire films (of which this is the first), known as Subspecies. 88 Films are now bringing these features to Blu-ray, and all is Wow! Films this ‘bad’ never looked so good.

First of all let’s clear up the term ‘bad’, because Subspecies is not in any way a bad film. Campy? At times. Low-budget? Certainly. But what Subspecies has in abundance is something no amount of budget or time can get you, passion! Throughout this first offering it is clear the creators/actors/make-up designers love their vampires.
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